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The flesh and blood person never owes an income tax under their Constitution!

Our Founding Fathers were very careful to protect us from involuntary direct taxes such as the income tax and few states had a property tax. Although Congress continually tried to tax us, the Supreme Court continually refused to allow it. Congress only managed to break away from the Supreme Court by creating a tax on the freed slaves in the territorial United States where the restrictions of the Constitution did not apply: to the military bases and the seat of government. Congress created their unlimited authority to the citizenship of the newly freed slaves through the XIVth Amendment. This citizenship and tax on the freed slaves could only be justified by the Dred Scott case (Dred Scott v. Sanford, 60 U.S. 393) ruling that people of African descent were of an inferior race and had no Constitutional Rights. Thus Congress created a citizenship of fictitious persons for the freed slaves, immigrants, and new state-created corporations. All of these were made taxable without limitation and with no rights, only the privileges Congress chose to give them. Congress was not satisfied with only creating a taxable citizenship over the freed slaves, but created virtually a whole new nation, having its own citizens and its own laws. It was still the United States of America, but only existed in the territorial United States of America where the Constitution does not apply. This was all done under the new XIVth Amendment. Those claiming this citizenship are generally known as “XIVth Amendment citizens” or “U. S. Citizens.”

The citizenship our Founding Fathers gave us is still there, known as Citizens of our State Republics and almost forgotten. This is where the Bill of Rights and other Constitutional Rights are. There are still no taxes on the people within the State Republics and there cannot be any such taxes. The argument that the blacks were an inferior race could not be maintained, but instead of educating the freed slaves to equal the whites, congress educated the whites to accept the unlimited jurisdiction and laws established for the freed slaves - including taxes. The whites were also led to believe this citizenship was the same as they had always had. These new fictional citizens have no rights, only the privileges Congress gives them. If the income taxes can only be applied to fictional persons, why are there so many flesh and blood people in prison for not paying an income tax? Very simple. They claim the citizenship established for the freed slaves which were given no rights. Some had filed tax returns in the past under penalty of perjury. Perhaps they had woken up to the actual tax laws and stopped filing. Then, their attorneys tried to defend them under the rights of the Constitution which they had already denied without being aware of it. Result: “Guilty as charged.” Once the fictitious citizen was convicted the conviction of the fiction was transferred to the flesh and blood person by his (her) claim of the fictitious citizenship as their own. There are virtually two United States here now, each with its own citizens and its own laws. That is not my wild dream. That is made clear by the U.S. Supreme Court in the 1945 case of Hooven and Allison Co. v Evatt, 324 U. S. 652. If a person tries to defend himself with the wrong set of laws he can be in big trouble. One pays all of the taxes and has no rights. The other is under the Constitution and has all of the rights and therefore cannot be taxed. You really need to understand this and the differences. It clearly affects you and your children. Read “Free At Last” and get the whole clear picture, based upon the Supreme Court rulings. Claim your American RIGHTS in the United States our FOUNDING FATHERS GAVE US.

You can claim your Constitutional Rights including the Bill of Rights and live free of the Income Tax and otherwise in an easy 15 minutes with the forms in ""Free At Last." This will rebuild our fifty State Republics and the Union of the united States of America which made us the land of the free and the home of the brave but is now almost forgotten. Our Founding Fathers very carefully built a cage to hold our Federal government in to keep it out of our lives. As anticipated, Congress continually tried to escape that cage, but was held firmly in it by the Supreme Court with complete success until the Civil War. The freed slaves gave Congress their excuse to create a virtual second United States to give the freed slaves standing in court - but not under the existing Constitution, but in the territorial areas of the original United States (along with the District of Columbia and the military installations), where the Supreme Court could not stop them. To do this, Congress forced through the XIVth Amendment, making the freed slaves their subjects. They also forced the states to accept a new federal agency in each state, called in their Code: “In this state” or “in the state” and demanded each state pass a new Constitution to accept the new state agency. They could only give the states a very limited jurisdiction over the military installations and the seat of government, but claimed a much broader power than that over the people. They do not have this broader power, but they do have as much power as the people will believe that they have. Over the many years they have conditioned the common people to believe the territorial United States is the one our Founding Fathers gave us and that it is the foundation of our freedom. In reality, it offers no freedom. It is the only direct taxing power over us and only then by our mistakenly giving that to them. Here is how it works: The many Acts of Congress, such as the income tax Acts, Title 26 and Title 27, are only under the XIVth Amendment, and are only binding on corporations, corporation officers, some stock investments and what they can get us to concede to. If they can get us to claim to be U. S. Citizens, they can do almost anything with us they want because the U. S. Citizen has no rights. Therefore, to legally get around the Supreme Court, Congress and their taxing agent of the IRS, Congress will do almost anything to make the people believe there are no limits to their taxing power and “voluntarily” pay taxes they do not owe. But the Supreme Court will not allow them to violate the Constitutional law to collect the taxes. For the most part, we only owe their taxes through accepting their new citizenship do to misinformation, The exception is taxes on special privileges which we must apply for, such as forming a corporation. Their taxes fall when we move back into our State Republic, pushing them back into the cage our Founding Fathers built for them. We may want to use some of the privileges of the XIVth Amendment however, and some of these require a legitimate tax. We may want to have a bank account, etc. We used to be able to use a state bank, but most of them have been forced to become Federal banks and are now under the XIVth Amendment. It is now a privilege to have a bank account. We may also want to have a driver’s license which is a privilege. For these reasons, we may want to keep our citizenship under the XIVth Amendment as well as our State Republic. Then we can claim whichever one we want when we want it. We must keep the two properly separated however. Once we move into our State Republic, no “Act of Congress” applies to us unless we are on Federal property. That includes the jurisdiction of the many agencies Congress has created and continues to create. You can move back into the simpler world of the Constitution. SO HOW DO WE BECOME FORCED INTO THE TAXES? You fall for their claims of taxes due, or your employer demands you file a W-4 Form and you do so, signing it under penalty of perjury. Later, you fill out a tax return reporting your income as taxable, as your employer falsely reports them to be and as established by the W-4 Form you signed under penalty of perjury to be true. Then you sign the tax return, again under penalty of perjury. You have well established your wages to be taxable by your own statements and you have signed agreements that they are taxable with two statements signed under penalty of perjury. As a result of their seizing of our gold and silver from circulation, our taxes, which were under Common Law, have now reverted to commercial law. Under commercial law the creditor (the IRS) can assume anything he wants and it stands as truth until refuted by proper procedure. So he (the tax collector) now assumes your wages are taxable, regardles of all other contrary evidence that it is not, until properly refuted. You have now signed a tax return, declaring your wages to be taxable income and even if you know it is not, you have created your own tax debt and they will prosecute you for perjury unless you properly correct your return. If you properly correct your return, the IRS will not give you any trouble. That is why we say, “Stop lying to the IRS and the taxes will go away.” Although the IRS does nothing to clarify the law, they do respect and follow the law. You do have to really dig to find the truth of the law and more so as time goes by. But it is in the U. S. Supreme Court rulings. Our book “Free At Last” is a book with the best Supreme Court rulings related to taxes that could possibly be dug out of a law library. Congress is working hard to hide the truth. The Constitution and the Supreme Court demand we have the truth. Much of the truth is very ancient law and cannot be changed.

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